Since 1976, we have been engaged in the creation of graphic equipment for all types of printing and the production of cylinders for the gravure market. Optimizing printing, consumption or for experimenting with new inks and materials. We are at the forefront of the study/development for printing recyclable and compostable materials.


Thanks to the Color Management System and the installation of new color proof printers and a new color kitchen interfaced with Ink formulation software, we provide our customers with cylinders that enable them to achieve the required result quickly, limiting waste and makeready time.

The WebCenter, an interconnected digital design and approval platform for effective workflow, as well as a central repository, allows consultation to each customer with dedicated access.


Over the years, we have automated and enhanced electroplating and electromechanical etching processes by installing two automatic Autocon L1/L2 lines, anticipating the guidelines of Industry 4.0


Since 1981, I.C.R. has pioneered electromechanical engraving. The HELL department still guarantees engraving for any type of cylinder and application.

Autotypical Laser

We have also developed and consolidated technologies such as the Exactus laser exposure for electrolytic self-typical etching that provides a wide etching range for any requirement.

Cellaxy Laser

Now present at ICR is the first direct laser engraving machine on any type of metal.
The Cellaxy defines the highest quality level for gravure printing and its technology allows the laser beam to be used for various applications: flexible packaging, embossing at various levels and special applications. In addition, it is ready for eco-friendly applications, namely on single-layer materials such as HelioPEARL.

Proof Print/Final Controls

In the proofing department, interfaced with Ink Formulation software, we guarantee valid proofs for final approval.
Traditional proofing check is complemented by digital proofing check with dedicated software to detect defects.

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